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HOPES is an independent, technology agnostic data management provider offering sustainable monitoring and analysis of live energy consumption data to its members. We will be thefirst company to reach end customers with live independent energy management services.Independent analysis of energy data offers an opportunity to adopt a new innovative approach to energy – optimisation as a service.

Live consumption data can be used to educate consumers on how to improve consumption habits and routines by providing pattern analysis and live alerts when current behaviour leads to excess energy usage. Our retrofit monitoring technology provides us with access to live consumption data. The data is then anonymised and analysed on our own secure servers to enable data analytics, live alerts and notifications based on recorded usage patterns. This provides the business owner with a live understanding and direct management of direct and future energy costs irrespective of energy provider.

The initial focus is on the B2B hospitality industry, but data collected and analysed in this vertical will serve to support future business opportunities in other industries as the HOPES technology and service can be easily applied to any sector. By being independent throughout our implementation and approach, we can offer a much stronger data service than our competition (including large energy providers).

The HOPES business model is based on the savings we provide to our members, with our subscription fee allowing an easily achievable minimum of 5 % savings through live access to data and alerts highlighting abnormal consumption.


Firstly, HOPES will provide an independent, bespoke live energy management platform for businesses. Customers will be engaged and incentivised to fast track the adoption of behavioural change and adaptation of energy savings measures by being informed about their energy consumption on a monthly or live basis, site by site, appliance by appliance.

Secondly, HOPES would seek to demonstrate the added value of clean decentralised energy consumption leading to increased monetary savings and decreased environmental impact.

This would be implemented through a three-stage approach:

  • Network implementation & growth
    Primary focus on
    • building the live energy monitoring platform for users to be able to monitor their energy usage on a monthly or live basis and receive analytical (machine learning and AI) support,
    • acquiring customers and growing the network,
    • building a solid and recurring cashflow base through monthly subscription for future growth.
  • Network consolidation & decentralisation of services -This would be a medium to long term objective, once the necessary momentum, network size and organisational framework has been reached and implemented. This stage consists of (i) expansion into other verticals, (ii) deployment of storage solutions, and (iii) exploring partnerships with third party green solutions.
  • Network optimisation & P2P trading capabilities between members -HOPES intend to champion open decentralised storage networks under secure energy blockchain to allow for P2P trading capabilities between members. We envision energy being sold not as a commodity but as part of a sustainable/clean service.



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