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Did U ever think how cool it would be to drink water from the air and -at the same time
contribute to a better world? ÜINI is the solution and starts with U! Fill your reusable bottle with pure drinking water via a stand-alone air2water system 100% powered by renewable energy, connect in a fun way with the off
and online ÜINI-community, get insights on how many plastic bottles you and the community have saved from ending up at landfills or in nature, and learn all there is to learn about water, waste, energy, taking care of nature and giving back to society!​

ÜINI combined the challenges with renewable energy, access to clean drinking water and the huge amounts of plastic waste by creating an inclusive breakthrough innovation combining a stand-alone air2water system 100% powered by renewable energy with a community platform engaging people to contribute to a better world.

Via the ÜINI stand-alone air2water system people can drink at any location cooled, pure drinking water. The system is 100% powered by renewable wind
and solar energy with no need for any external electrical or water infrastructure and with highest respect for nature preservation. Using the ÜINI-system will also provide people free wifi and a charging station to recharge their devices.

Besides the system, the ÜINI solution also provides a reusable bottle and app. The app will give people access to the ÜINI-platform, providing them with local, environmental and sustainability information. It gives people insights on how many plastic bottles they and the total community have saved from ending up at landfills or in nature. It will teach them in a fun way all about water, energy, waste, taking care of nature and how to give back to society. Depending where the system is located, people can also get information about the direct surroundings in order to facilitate them and local businesses and organizations in the best way possible.

Via this inclusive approach of the physical stand-alone air2water systems together with the ÜINI community, engaging directly the end-users in many fun and educational ways, we will be able to helpcommunities all over the world to harness and transition in an affordable way to sustainable drinking water using renewable energy sources.

We are very conscious about the effects the ÜINI community can generate. We envision already how we will provide this solution to developing countries. Imagine what will happen if some engaged parties from the ÜINI-community will provide these systems to the villages in developing countries as well! The ÜINI-approach is a total inclusive approach by engaging the ÜINI-community to not only benefit from the solution themselves, but also to contribute to provide this solution to developing countries; after all it starts with U!



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