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As surface waters are being polluted and groundwater levels are being depleted with simultaneous floods and droughts in adjoining areas, it is high time for adopting the data-driven approach to water resource management across the globe. The current situation of water management is unreliable due to its ways of measurement and data acquisition (manual measurement and documentation). The smart water monitoring and smart irrigation in the rural landscape can generate a various database that requires low-cost devices, real-time data, and reliable wireless communication infrastructure.

Kritsnam’s vision is to empower developing nations with cost-effective and data-driven water resource management techniques. The company will strive to protect the natural water resources across the globe using state-of-the-art experimental hydrology and low-cost real-time water quantity/quality monitoring infrastructure. To provide, implement and sustain these holistic solutions, the company will engage in multi-disciplinary collaboration with academia, governmental agencies, and industries working in the field of water resources. Dhaara Water Level: a Real-time measurement used for Monitoring water level on tanks, ponds, canals, and streams. The water quantity estimation using water level measurement enables the users with better planning their available resources while ensuring the timely water availability. Dhaara Flow-meter: Quantification of movement of a fluid. Continuous non-intrusive measurement of water flows in small to large pipes. To monitor and automate the drinking and municipal water distribution supplies. Dhaara Soil Moisture (Irrigation Advisory); Continuous measurement of soil moisture in agricultural lands for irrigation management. Solutions can be used to exactly match the water supply to crop water requirements. Padmavathi Water Quality; Continuous monitoring of water quality parameters. To know the health status of water bodies in real-time. Water quality testing instruments are used to test water for chemical and biological agents, and to measure variables such as clarity and rate of movement.

    Soil moisture Instrument: Agriculture, irrigation, [experimental courses-soil science, agricultural science, environmental science, horticulture, botany, and biology.] and Research Laboratories

    Water Quality Instrument: Rivers, lake, sea, municipalities, swimming pools, spa, factories, fish farming, irrigation canals, agriculture, Pharmaceuticals industries, treatment plants, public and commercial ponds

    Water Level Instrument: Industrials tanks/containers, ponds, wells, canals, streams, community over-head tanks.

    Flow meter Instrument: Semiconductor manufacturing, Research Laboratories, Industrial manufacturers, Chemical distributor, Energy & food providers.



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