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Linked Things' solutions enable households and businesses to directly create more sustainable energy. Our cheap, easy and immediately effective apps and IoT solutions help people to better manage their water supply and monitor and control their electricity consumption. All that is required is the easy installation of sensors and the download of a simple app. 

Otto Water is a water app that measures and meters the water levels in houses water tanks. When the roof tank is empty and the ground tank is full it will make sure that the roof tank will be filled by turning on the pump (as soon as there is electricity). The sensor will realize when the roof tank is full and will automatically turn the pump off. No more spillages, leaks and waste and water is available when you need it. The app will be set up and programmed once and will usually work on its own without any requirements for human intervention. Besides managing the water supply of the house, the metering function can be used to review monthly, weekly and daily profiles of water consumption. This enables households to manage consumption, saving on their water bill and become more sustainable. 

Otto Power is a power app that monitors electricity consumption on connected appliances. These are mostly the large users like air conditioners, water heaters, pumps, refrigerators and PC monitors. When people can see how much electricity these appliances use they become more economic about using them. The point is not to simply reduce their use. What is more important is to harmonize their use with the times when people need to be productive. An important side-effect of the app is that it alerts users to necessary repairs and it enables preemptive maintenance. When appliances are broken their electric profiles change and our app alerts the user to fix a compressor, adjust the air intake or clean broken or clogged ducts. 

Both solutions work towards making water and energy more sustainable, saving money and reducing carbon footprints. 



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