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Jol-Jatra means Journey to Water in Bengali. Jol means water and Jatra means journey in Bengali. This solution is targeted to the challenge of improving water and sanitation infrastructure that ensures safe delivery of drinking water.

Ready Made Garments workers (RMG) of Bangladesh (4.5 million) which will translate into at least 15 million households ( including their families), and around 65% of them are women. They have come from villages to the urban areas to work in RMG factories. They work till dawn to dusk and when they come back to home they dont have the energy to purify the supply water.This huge worker group lives in a cluster basis either in slum areas or densely populated areas where availability of pure drinking water is a huge challenge. Our project wants to set up Water ATMs in specific RMG workers residential areas which will enable them to access pure water at an affordable price. They will have water ATM cards which can be pre
loaded and 1 litre water can be sold at BDT 0.40 paisa only. Primary target areas will be in major 2/3 cities where RMG factories are located

Drinkwell is a market-leading water technology company operating in India and Bangladesh that provides turnkey water solutions. Their proprietary technology removes contaminants from water using a gravity-fed process that reduces energy costs and wasted water by more than 95% versus competing technologies. Their technology has allowed companies to improve their profitability, countries to improve their environments, and families in developing nations around the world to have access to affordable and safe water for the first time. It has connection with the supply water which purifies through a filter and dispensed through water ATM dispenser.

Within the United States, this company and technology has been recognized by the National Academy of Engineering, US Chamber of Commerce, US Department of State, US Environmental Protection Agency and leading academic institutions as a leading innovator in the environmental technology space. Globally, this technology has been used across the most challenging environments across Asia improving hundreds of thousands of lives on a daily basis.Leading utilities, NGOs, development agencies, and governments have entrusted Drinkwell with operating and maintaining their water assets due to their track record in identifying, recruiting, and retaining locally-available talent to operate safe water systems with minimal downtime.

Jol-Jatra team will implement this project where we will connect the water ATM to be bought by water entrepreneur, installed and maintained by drink-well.If required we will link with local public banks or private commercial banks to the entrepreneur for credit ( if required ) As this is a completely new business in Bangladesh. We will also create awareness among the RMG workers through public awareness programs in neighbour hoods, Above the line( ATL) and BTL communications etc to create mass publicity.

Overall, we need to ensure a "Journey to safe water
Jol Jatra" to the most compelling worker group
RMG workers of Bangladesh, the emerging tiger of Asia!



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