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LifeBank uses data, smart logistics and a combination of ubiquitous technology like feature mobile phones and motorcycles, and high technology such as AI and blockchain, to help health workers discover essential medical products. We deploy our smart logistics system to deliver these products to hospitals on time and in the right condition. LifeBank delivers the blood requested on our discovery platform to hospitals in less than 45 minutes, in a WHO Blood Transfusion Safety compliant cold chain. LifeBank has innovations for every stage of the blood supply process, and is the first known solution to tackle both the supply and logistics portion of the problem.

One of our solutions is an online platform that aggregates inventory information from blood banks in regions we operate. Hospitals are able to find and request blood to be delivered either through the platform, or by calling our 24/7 call center which caters to less technology savvy clients. Because we are committed to improving the safety of products we move, we have also developed a blockchain powered product, SmartBag, that records and preserves the integrity of information about the processes involved in blood supply. When scanned, the SmartBag gives hospitals access to the information about the donation, collection, screening, storage, and delivery procedures of blood products. This innovation will improve blood safety standards by ensuring transparency and accountability around the blood supply processes.



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