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Sirea is willing to Promote the use of renewable Energy in isolated place in developping countries while raising the level of education with a promising solution already implemented once in Burkina Faso in 2016. The project was a success and that is why Sirea wants to reproduce it in Cambodia, a country where it is developping its activities since 2018.

As specialists in smart Energy management system for renewables, we will provide to schools an electric cabinet managing all the necessary eletric and electronic components, and the Energy coming from solar panel that we would install on the roof of the school for example. The children going there will receive a chargeable lamp and a phone charging system.

Every morning, children would go to school with their lamps, and plug them to the cabinet. The lamps would be charged while children study. At the end of the classes, children would go back to their home with a free, clean and sustainable source of Energy that they will allow them to do their homeworks or other activities. The whole family will enjoy it and the chargeable system for phone can also become a source of incomes for the family if they decide to sell it to neighbours. The next day, children will bring back the lamps and chargers to school to charge them again.

To concretise this project, we will work with 2 partners : a company providing the specific lamps, and an NGO that would help to find the right villages and schools and that would create the link between the partners and the Community.

This is a very promising solution that will bring several assets : Promote renewable Energy in developping countries, decrease the use of polluting energies as charcoal or petrol and the expenses linked to that, and encourage the rise of education level.



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