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Global energy deficit is one of the ugly facts of our 21st century. That is why i came up with the Maz21 Energy concept. The Maz21 Energy system has evolved from the Water web concept which was submitted to the Youth Citizen Entreprenuership Competion in 2018 ( This concept aims to present an alternative approach power production by utilizing Kinetic water turbines to harness the highly accelerated flow of water in a tight network of Low Density Polyethylene pipes. This system, aims at the following.

  • Reduce the cost of energy production by hundreds of thousand dollars.
  • Flexibility. This will enable it to be deployed nearly anywhere in the such Northern Africa and the Middle East, rural areas and urban areas. Its designed to be robust such that it will not require large amount of input material Dams neither pollutant inputs like Uranium and Coal.
  • Produce a minimum of Kw80 per unit
  • Reduce the land allocation to energy production
  • Reduce greenhouse emissions.

In summary, this innovation employs the concept of vibration and frequency to achieve its goals.



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