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In Nigeria over 80 million people out of the entire population of 190 million don't have access to electricity that comes from the National grid, because of their location which makes it hard or impossible to connect from the power grid and lack of infrastructure to extend the power to them. Statistic also has it that 70% (approximately 56 million) of whom live in rural and sub-urban area of the country and they make use of candle, kerosene lamp, gasoline generator, etc.

All these conventional means of electricity adds to our carbon foot print and also has caused death in various location


We are distributing electricity using an off grid power source, from our solar box, which is a photovoltaic cube designed to produce twice as much energy as panels of the same power placed on a flat surface. To ensure a decentralized and unparallel distribution of energy to rural dwellers, our solution makes use of smart meter that leverages on blockchain technology to effective ensure decentralized energy distribution, Artificial intelligence to flexibly adapt to facility use and automatically switches off the power on noticing that most of the appliances are turned off, so as to save energy and eliminate waste. The smart meter is also equipped with a 3G/2G module that allows wireless communication with our mobile web platform through any local GSM network to enable accurate and real time reading of energy, monitoring and gaining total control of your energy bill. This smart meter is also used by urban dwellers to gain control of their energy consumption. With this smart meter, you can be sure to know you’re your energy bill is about to expire and will ask for automatic energy bill recharge just to make life easy and to foster smart environment. Our main vision and goal is that we bridge the vast energy Divide in Africa and beyond and also help in the fight against CO2 emission and all the environmental hazards associated with the emission of Green House Gases in our environment. A second design of our smart meter designed for Hospitals, secondary schools and tertiary institutions in rural area and makes use of IoT, by a specific design modeled and built with Internet Wifi Hotspot. It has the capacity of internet sharing to not more than 300 device and has a speed 300k/s. So this special smart meter ensures a faster, controlled, regulated and smart distribution of electricity and also at the same time act as an internet module to help rural dwellers have access to internet network, especially in schools and hospitals where internet network is needed.



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