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At Solar Networks we recognize the need to supply people with reliable and safe energy on a global scale. We believe that access to energy is crucial for meeting basic human needs, fighting poverty and accelerating the economic progress.Our Mobile Solar Container (MSC), an innovative solution which will answer power demands across the world, uses solar panels to produce energy. It is a mobile unit which can be easily and quickly delivered to any destination and is ready to generate energy right after set-up. The energy can be used for current needs or accumulated in specially designed batteries for later use, an essential feature for night power and crisis situations.Benefits:

  • MOBILITY: MSC is built into a regular shipping container and can be delivered and set up anywhere in the world
  • POWER RANGE: MSC can supply from 18kW to over 30kW
    STORAGE: MSC can work at night thanks to in-built batteries
  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO POWER: MSC is ready to supply energy in a very short time
  • NATURAL DISASTERS: MSC can be dismantled quickly in case of imminent danger (e.g. a tornado) and re-assembled when the conditions improve
  • SAFETY: The ability to provide electricity despite the lack of access to energy infrastructure.

More than a billion people worldwide have no access to electricity. Many people generate electricity from diesel generators, which are often outdated, harmful to the environment and cause autoignition, what makes them very dangerous. Another problems are remote areas with lack of electricity infrastructure, natural disasters and their outcomes as well as armed conflicts in the world. Our MSC is a mobile device that can be transported anywhere in the world, set up on any ground type and supply a certain location with power in a short period of time which makes it a perfect solution to the above mentioned situations. Since all areas of human life need electricity the MSC solutions are ideal to help fight with rural area inequalities that compromise the livelihoods, well-being and resilience of people. Sustainable access to reliable and safe electric energy is nowadays a key factor that determines quality of life and human development possibilities. The lack of energy may considerably affect the access to adequate standard of living, quality education and skills, health and other services, to finances and economic activity. It may influence decent employment possibilities as well. No constant power access means no constant work conditions or even no possibilities of creating any safe workplace. We believe creating solutions which cater to basic energetic needs is the main reason that contributes to regions development and energy poverty decrease.Giving a certain location sustainable electric power access makes this place more open to socio-economic, financial and educational prospects. It gives a trigger for things to happen, a good beginning to bring about real change. Since power access influences all sectors of human activities, the number of ideas for a future use of the MSC are endless.It is difficult to overestimate the significance of access to electricity in everyday life. It has vitally important impacts on health, education, and the economy. In many low-income countries, the grid has frequent blackouts and maintenance problems, making electricity unreliable. Our device can provide a permanent source of electric energy, but what is also very important, our device will ensure the continuity of energy supply wherever it is required.Solar Networks might provide support for long-term development projects (electrification of school or hospital buildings, for example) and provide assistance for emergency humanitarian actions when needed.

For three-quarters of the people living in Africa today the lack of access to electricity isn’t just an inconvenience, it creates health risks, limits education, and makes it very difficult to run and grow a successful business. Lack of reliable access to electricity is far too often a huge barrier to growth that keeps people trapped in poverty.Our solutions are designed to fight poverty and generate growth by helping countries deliver more dependable, environmentally friendly electricity. For example supplying viable power can help small business owners access electricity without relying on costly generators.Hunger, lack of education, conflict, disease, war, they all have something in common poverty. We believe solar power might be the tool to fight the problems by providing options for innovation, education, investment and technology. Solar power as a source of renewable energy can help people escape from poverty by giving them access to electricity and thus information and education at the same time. Since we are a customer-oriented company, we can build our MSC with the number of solar panels and batteries a customer wishes to have. All parts can easily be exchanged or customized according to new technological solutions. By placing any moving parts inside the container it can be quickly disassembled and assembled depending on the situation, eg evacuation, storm or in other unfavorable conditions which makes it easy to provide access to energy in a safe and easy way.Solar power needs only the sun to work. This free, nonpolluting resource makes solar power one of the most environmentally friendly energies in the world, cheaper in the long run than generators. Taking into consideration the two factors: fight against poverty and climate change, Solar Networks solutions seem ideal for those who do not have access to electricity.



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