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The SolutionModulusTech aims on applying technological advancements to revolutionize the low-cost housing sector. The way it works is through an innovative flat-packed house design that can be assembled in as little as 3 hours by 3 workers using simple hand tools. Its flat-pack nature allows 11 of such houses to be transported in a 40 feet container. While the modular construction allows the merger of multiple houses to be easily customized for various uses. The houses are extremely energy efficient and come equipped with their own solar electricity supply and solar water purifiers, making the houses completely autonomous! Capable of being self sustaining and off-grid in any region in the world.

Hence, the structure is ready for use as soon as it is assembled. Once assembled, the houses offer complete privacy with hygienic conditions to its inhabitants. This ensures that the inhabitants are provided with security, minimizing the social problems and epidemics that are prevalent in shelters and camps globally.Implementing the solution would enable humanitarian and government organizations to be able to provide housing to the millions of refugees and displaced people in the shortest time. It would allow disaster management authorities to build and provide autonomous, environment friendly, low-cost houses at a quick notice.Product Design and InnovationThe solution that ModulusTech provides is different in the sense that proper houses with modern utilities can be easily assembled in as little as 3 hours, a time lower than other alternatives. While being autonomous and requiring lower cooling and heating loads than existing structures. The easy assembly also allows any unskilled person to assemble the houses with a Do-It-Yourself methodology. Moreover, the houses offer exceptional affordability which is complemented by their flat-packed design and quick assembly times, that helps reduce transport and labor costs, respectively.

Moreover, due to its sustainable design, the structure has 50 times less CO2 emissions than traditional houses of the same size. Therefore, with the integration of solar water and electricity systems, these structures can be turned into carbon negative structures and since the structures are highly energy efficient and insulated, they can act as a power source and transmit excess power for other households.

ApproachRapid Urbanisation is a global phenomenon
70% of the total population are expected to be living in Urban centers by the year 2030 and consuming 80% of the total energy. it is these mega cities where the issues of Climate Change, Social inequality, immigration and economical development will merge at once. Hence at ModulusTech we have realized that to improve the overall quality of life in these regions, we have to move past the construction approach for housing and small scale infrastructure. A manufacturing approach to the houses can allow us to reduce the wastage, negate the carbon emissions and environmental affect of houses and allow to have a salvage value for every product that is manufactured.

Also to solve a global problem of immigration and climate refugees at such a large scale through traditional construction is close to impossible considering the time and capital requirements. And until we solve the global problems that exist today, mankind can not step into the future. If we continue to live the same way, climate change is expected to result in over 200 million displacements by the year 2100.



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