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Burning solid fuels such as wood, charcoal and agricultural waste in open fires and traditional stoves exposes families to air pollution levels as much as 50 times greater than the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for clean air.36 million Kenyans have their health negatively impacted due to exposure to household air pollution and 84% rely on solid fuel and inefficient Cook stoves. 18,000 deaths are attributed to household air pollution every year.People living at the base of the economic pyramid earn an average of $40-$100 monthly income and spend one-third on fuel consumption. They need interventions that are cost friendly and which will lower their recurrent fuel costs.We have set up a manufacturing plant in the heart of our target market to make the cookstoves more accessible.Our clean cookstoves are made using locally sourced recycled waste metal. This reduces production costs and makes the products affordable for our target market ($10). Clean cookstoves reduce fuel consumption by 30-60%, decrease toxic smoke emissions by 50-90% and lower the risk of accidental burns in children by 40%.We educate communities on the impacts of household air pollution and the benefits of clean energy. We reach our customers through advertising in local markets and partnering with local women groups and community leaders. Our cookstoves are distributed through major supermarkets, local stores and retail shops.We employ local youth as designers, artisans and sales agents of our clean cookstoves. Women in registered women groups can acquire our cookstoves by making affordable staggered installments through our mobile phone payments platform.We have reached 3200 households and impacted the lives of over 16000 people.



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