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we have developed a natural mineral fertilizer called "NanoSi" which is basically biologically free active silicon of 0.005 micron nano Size. This boosts metabolism and increases photosynthesis cycle . That is why yield or growth increases by 20-30% . It is already tested in India and Russia and have got fantastic results. We have got it registered as "Mineral Fertilizer" in Russia and won silver medal in innovation in Russia's biggest agriculture competition in 2018. It requires very small amount as it is NanoSize and biologically free active. So for treatment of seeds, one needs to use 75 gms of our product mixed in water for seeds to be planted in 1 hectare. After that when leaves come, again 75 gms to be mixed in 300 lit of water and Spray on plants in 1 hectare and 3rd time when flowers come then 75 gms of NanoSi mixed in 300 lit of water and spray on plants in 1 hectare. So for any crop , one requires only about 225-300 gms of NanoSi per hectare per crop cycle.



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