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Nilus is a social enterprise that seeks to create affordable and healthy food markets for low income people. We do this by operating a digital marketplace that connects, through a network of paid drivers, food companies with products that are about to be wasted because they are about to expire or do not comply with aesthetics standards, or have some damage in the packaging with social organizations, such as community kitchens and food pantries, which prepare meals for low income people.

Our crowdsourcing technology is the key to the fulfillment of our mission, as we are able to lower the cost of food procurement for low income people in three meaningful ways. First, by connecting food producers and retailers with soup kitchens in real time, we are able to access food that would otherwise be wasted at a fraction of the market price. In addition, when there are large quantities of food available, we organize collective purchases, thereby lowering the price even more. Finally, by crowdsourcing the logistics of the delivery a-la-Uber we take advantage of negative bandwidths and use the idle space in delivery vehicles, thereby lowering the logistics costs as well.

We began operating in March 2018 in Argentina, and we have delivered over 2 million meals.



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