Non-refrigerant Air Conditioner

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As we know, air conditioner is very important to everyone feel comfortable living in their house, drive the vehicle and make their job in office since the world temperature keep rising everyday due to the global warming. But once the air conditioner is turned on, we contribute to global warming. Conventional air conditioner system will cool the room but warm the environment and consume high electricity. Beside that, refrigerant used as cooling agent in the air conditioner is very harmful to environment and among the green house gas. Today the number of air conditioner around the world is estimated about 1.6 billion which is a big number and will become disaster for our next generation.

We in Sireh Technology working since 3 years ago to develop this new generation of air conditioner which is more environmental friendly. We are successful in developing air conditioner without using refrigerant as a cooling agent and using fresh air as a cooling agent. We innovate vortex tube technology as a cooling source and enhance with several design and can operate in low pressure. Latest prototype in our lab, the cooling source can produce 5°C fresh air and use only 500 Watts. This system is not dissipate heat to environment like typical conventional which is dissipate a lot of heat to environment. Beside that, our system is simple compare to the conventional air conditioner and more economic to be manufactured.

We also enhance our prototype with HEPA to filter and clean indoor air and provide quality air to consumer. Beside that, the prototype integrated with IOT and AI technology to optimize power consumption. This project has good future and now I’m looking for the investors who are interested with this project.



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