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In many countries, the quality of drinking water provided by the government is compromised and citizens need to depend on water filtration techniques for safe drinking water has increased significantly. In addition to increased contamination in utility water supply, ill monitored water cans have become a painful part of our daily lives.

The traditional point of source water purification systems has become quite popular across many households, such systems aren’t without weaknesses. Many devices such as smart home hubs, smart televisions, smart ovens and many more are reaching consumers on a daily basis. Perhaps it’s time we consider one more product that has been overlooked so far
a Smart Water Purifier that is responsible for dispensing daily drinking water in a household. Its importance and necessity rivals any other products in every household.

OCEO is a first of its kind IoT enabled smart water purifier that gives you healthy water right in your home without having to purchase the device or pay maintenance fee. Now you only pay for the water purified from the machine. We call it as Water Purification as a Service (WAAS). With OCEO, now everyone can measure, monitor and maintain drinking water needs in an intelligent, sustainable and cost effective way.

Let’s explore how OCEO
Smart Water Purifier makes a whole lot of sense for a household.

  • Safety: Maintaining the safety and purity of drinking water remains a priority for us. OCEO smart water purification ensures that all contaminants are removed and water quality in enriched with essential minerals to boost health and well-being.
  • Intelligent Sensors: OCEO Intelligent Sensors are designed to gather meaningful and actionable data on every water drop for its quality, level and flow on a real time basis. The collected information goes a long way to perform predictive maintenance of the device.
  • Seamless communication: Every OCEO device is connected to LIVE servers on a real time. The seamless connectivity feature allows for engaged interaction between devices and users.
  • Convenience and sustainability: OCEO device self-connectivity facilitates automatic re-ordering and delivery of fresh cartridges whenever required based on individual usage. We are contributing hugely to the environment by reducing the reject water from our Smart Dual purification process. No brand across the globe is currently advocating this method of water conversation in a point of use water purification device.

Our smart sense system automatically alert customers within minutes of a leak or a major repair and keep them in the know till resolution. We continuously adapt machine learning in remote monitoring to assure safety in every water drop and improve remote asset maintenance.

OCEO smart water purifier features a multiple stage filtration process to produce bottled quality water right at your place. Our filters are manufactured through high precision injection moldings process from certified food grade plastic and contain filter media of premium quality. Our products are compliant for food and beverage contact and comply, meet or exceed all current and applicable standards without exception.

OCEO digital solutions have the power to optimize today’s operations and is redesigning the traditional water purification business model. We are one of those early companies who are advocating and utilizing the real power of IoT.

OCEO is a disruptive innovation and stand out as a clear challenger to the existing Water Purifier Industry and disrupts the current Packaged Drinking Water Market. We have been successful in bringing down the drinking water costs down for our users. This amount saved can be utilized for a house improvement, paying tuition fees, clearing EMI of a loan, etc for a middle income household. In addition this, drinking good quality water keeps one in good health.

OCEO Smart Water Purifiers will be a game changer in the consumer market because of its smart sense technology blended with unique user ownership model.Experience the cleanest, freshest tasting water from OCEO devices co-created with partners from Israel & Japan.

OCEO was awarded by Honorable Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi & Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu as the winner for the India-Israel Innovation Challenge for Innovative and affordable solutions that produce potable drinking water. We've won various awards for our initial work at various platforms across India, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Israel.

OCEO has been featured in University Case Studies, business magazines like Business Standard, Outlook Business & popular portals like Your Story.

We are building a decentralised, proactively managed system and provide the backbone for smart city solutions. Once OCEO purifiers spread across a city/town, we can provide real-time data of water quality to the government water supply boards and aid in better functioning of the city water supply.

The success key to OCEO has been a progressive blend of using IoT + unique business model to our consumers. We are one of those early companies who are advocating and utilizing the real power of IoT. OCEO has introduced the Do It Yourself (DIY) model for filter replacement when the machine is due for maintenance. Our user-friendly product design makes this possible. We ship the replacement filter to the consumers when a particular filter is due for its maintenance. This significant business process change increased operational efficiency and lowered costs.

Today, we are confident on our claim that we are probably the only company with triple play of IOT + Pay per Use + DIY Filter replacement in the water purification industry. With our unique positioning in serving the growing demand for safe drinking water, we are optimistic that every Indian household will welcome OCEO as their new family member with happiness.

The water challenges in India are quite large and we would are open to work with potential innovators in our attempt to provide solutions to Indian population and extend our warm welcome to companies Water Filtration, Consumer Durables and IoT Sector.

Our vision is to reach 10 million households in India over next 5 years and build a smart decentralised network to increase access to safe drinking water to everyone, everywhere.

Our mission is to inspire the world with water, eliminate single use filter membrane housing and plastic water bottles, and provide everyone access to the clean drinking water anywhere people work, rest, and play.

Our impact goes beyond the water access. We employ local people, generate monthly savings of up to 80%, reduce co2 emissions, generate new opportunities and promote sustainable development.

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