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Cooking with charcoal and firewood is equivalent to being exposed to 400 cigarettes per hour. While people want cleaner fuels, paying for gas upfront is too expensive for most, exposing more than 80% of families in sub-Saharan Africa to harmful fumesevery single day. . Charcoal also damages more than the health of those who are cooking, it is also destructive to the environment. It releases twice as much CO2 as LPG gas and destroys more than 130 thousand hectares of forest every single year in Nigeria.Though, we have conflicting datas of the havoc it has wreck in Nigeria, but what is evident is that thousands lost their lives yearly(https://punchng.com/470000-nigerians-die-firewood-smoke-five-years/ https://www.vanguardngr.com/2018/09/air-pollution-nigeria-ranks-4th-deadliest-globally/ https://guardian.ng/news/firewood-smoke-kills-over-93000-people-annually-says-ngo/ . Through smart logistics technology we are rapidly building one of the biggest distribution networks for LPG in Nigeria

While many people want to switch to cleaner fuels, they struggle with the upfront cost of doing so. We are working on a smart meter solution that allows them to pay as they go with their mobile money account.

We will be able to meet people where they are and beat the last-mile challenge.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is the de facto cooking fuel for developed nations because it is clean (50 times less polluting than charcoal) and affordable. However, rural customers are traditionally financially excluded from LPG due to the high upfront cost and rigid payment system. The LPG supply chain and retailer hub infrastructure is already in place in Nigeria and other countries to reach rural customers but marketers and retailers need a smarter distribution model and product to reach urban and rural customers and fit within their daily budget.

The Opab GAS device will deliver payment, location, and LPG usage data at the unit level through GSM technology. Partners will receive critical insights into customer usage that helps them deploy their fleet more effectively. In urban areas, they are able to maintain their cylinder fleet within informal settlements through orchestrated refilling runs, combating illegal refilling and increasing customer retention. Within rural settings, where customers do not have the benefit of a robust LPG retailer network, location and consumption data will provide the insights necessary for a paradigm shift in distribution.

Through smart meters and pay as you go technology we will soon grow fast to one of the biggest national distributors in Nigeria.We are working tirelessly to bring families a new alternative.We are working tirelessly to give people a cleaner and cheaper alternative for their cooking fuel.Those cooking for their families need quality products that are reliably available. But in cities like Ilorin-Nigeria, the logistics of delivering this is a significant barrier.

OPAB Gas will partner with LPG marketers and overlay onto the existing LPG infrastructure. Due to the fragmented nature of the retailer and gas station LPG ecosystem, prioritizing marketer partnerships over retailer partnerships is a fundamental component of our strategy. The OPAB GAS smart meter technology enables micro-asset financing and pay-as-you-go functionality that critically align with customers’ variable income streams. The business model will be a service fee per transaction.


  • Fabricate 10 units during the pilot
  • Install in 10 households during the pilot
  • Post 100 household PoM, team will seek Series A funding to build network capacity, reduce unit cost, and build full operations to handle up to >100,000 households with one or more marketer partners

Our ambitions are to scale this impact across Africa. We'll need help to get there. Hence, why we are en rolling for this competition.

OPAB Gas’s mission is to unlock clean energy for the next billion, by revolutionizing the distribution of cooking gas. The smart metering system monitors the gas levels in the cylinder and predicts when the gas is going to run out. When the cylinder is about to run out, the smart meter notifies the company and an agent will come to refill your gas cylinder.

The Global Maker Challenge investment will finance the expansion of OPAB Gas Energy’s customer base in Nigeria, the development of its software platform and next generation smart meter, as well as the growth of OPAB Gas Energy’s team.

“A billion households are forced to cook with dirty fuels everyday, which is not only a serious development challenge, but also a significant market opportunity. This financing will allow us to invest deeply in our technology, build a service that our customers love and prepare for commercial roll-out.



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