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Open Mind Foundation

Research and Media Center for the Comprehensive Study Of Collective and Mass Emotions.

The study of collective emotions in a specific territory can tell us a great deal on the state of mind of its population. Such a study can help to determine the reasons of popular discontent and foresee violent mass protests like, for instance, the “Yellow Vest” uprising in France.

Such knowledge may save lives. If our goal is to live in a free, responsible and liberal society, we must strive to measure and monitor the levels of basic collective emotions, such as hope, fear, humiliation and anger, to understand at which point their mixture may become explosive.

Open Mind Foundation combines all innovative research methods in the field of the study of collective and individual emotions, both existing and in development.

  • Sociological
    using qualitative and quantitative sociological research methods.
  • Empirical – analysis of global media and social network content
  • Hi-Tech – the employment of special software and/or hardware that determine emotions via audiovisual renderings (facial expression, eye movement, body language, gestures), text, voice, and physiological reactions of the body.

Our specialists select, test and implement innovative methods to identifycollective and individual emotions.

Our products:

  • Virtual Assistant
    hardware and software complex based on Emotion Detection and Recognition Systems.
  • Maps and data of collective emotions.

Our Solution:

We cannot fight an already-emerging pandemic, but we can predict its occurrence.

We can identify emotional factors that indicate where pandemic appearance and spreading.

We have already developed methods for diagnosing and monitoring the emotional state of large population groups as well as assess the level of basic collective emotions in various elites and age groups that compose a society.

This will keep emotional balance and eliminate negative social behavior in the case of a pandemic.

The market of detection and recognition of emotions will grow from USD 6.72 billion in 2016 to USD 36.07 billion by 2021.

We understand that numerous ethic norms are going to be violated in the struggle for this market. Technical systems of emotional detection and recognition may become instruments for controlling territories.

Our goal is to create research tools that enhance collective emotional awareness in order to achieve political tolerance, social stability, and openness in education.



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