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The Problem

The fundamental issues that drastically impact lives of many women and youth in developing countries can be solved by access to clean electricity.

There are 1.1B globally without electricity. This is not just about electricity. It implies:

  • Dealing with severe health hazards (due to smoke from burning fuels for lighting),

  • Fighting high chances of crime

  • Having a bleak future with poor quality of education to name a few.

The person who bears the brunt of these issues are the homemakers & caregivers: the women in these families. Fighting to getting even simple chores done before the sun goes down leaves the women economically dependent, with no voice in decision making and low self-confidence creating unsustainable communities.

Our Solution

Orora Global is a multinational social enterprise. We accelerate sustainability by creating access to affordable, reliable and renewable energy. We do so by empowering women and youth in every step of our operation: we train them to produce, deploy and service solar solutions. We deliver community solar solutions with affordable subscription fees making clean energy accessible for everyone. Bringing clean energy into a community provides necessary platform to develop innovative solutions for education, healthcare, telecom, water, safety and more, achieving triple bottom line (social, economic and environmental) sustainability.

Our Impact

The impact created by Orora’s solution can be measured in terms of :

Economic Impact

  • Increased monthly income of $45 per women

  • Increased savings from new income and use of renewable fuel source

  • Recurring source of income for the community

Environmental Impact

  • Reduction of CO2 emission by 0.3 tons per year per Orora Power Hub

  • $4000 is saved per Orora Power Hub by the use of LED lighting

  • Rehabilitation of families affected by climate crisis

Social Impact

  • Improved safety for girls and women

  • Improved academic performance and computer skills for children

  • Women have more decision-making power as community leaders and as homemakers.



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