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The PV (photovoltaic) solar panels in deserts or urban areas only have 100% efficiency the very first day of installation. Every day after that, dust accumulation over the PV will reduce the power output up to 50%. Yes in some cases even 50% of the energy is lost.

How solar farmers are dealing with the dust challenge? There are 3 options:

Some of them ignore the problem, others use manual cleaning, which requires lots of & labor, and third, buy big and expensive machineries that are parked 95% of the time.

OSOJI SOLAR is a complete autonomous system based in mini-robots that work in collaboration with other micro-robots to remove the dust over the PV, and also collecting data without using water nor labor.

With this solution we make an irresistible offer to solar farmes, cleaning as a service or RAAS (Robot as a service) as same cost as manual cleaning without any hidden cost like water & labor. Already we have a MVP and 2 beta clients in Chile (Solarity & USM) to service their 27 solar farms in Chil. Besides, we already have a waiting list with more than 20 companies worlwide to use or solution.

If you have a solar farms and want a demo please contact us at www.osojisolar.com

We are rising 2 million USD to develop our 1st commercial collony of robots to attend our beta costumers.



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