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This solution is meant to solve all 4 challenges as part of an even bigger one. Solutions always have to be solved at the core level, which includes climate change. Yet we look at this as a problem, as an obstacle. Why not change our perspective? Why not look at it as something to propel all of us? Why not look at it as it really is -- Our Great Chance. I propose to move away from the destructive methods we use today to take raw materials and look towards sustainable ways of getting raw material involving new and large communities and future-oriented industries and fix global warming at the same time. The vast amounts of carbon credits as monetary attraction could assist to drive the project. It becomes apparent that the solution helps with many things: giving hope to the disenfranchised for a bright future, building up communities, fixing global warming like we never could before, and attaining enormous wealth. Running out of time, we must give focus onto projects that are fast to implement with long-term effects. Bamboo, the fastest-growing land plant, is the very root of the solution. Taking advantage of its properties, it can develop new communities with new architecture using natural materials and the most advanced technologies. Combining bamboo as universal raw material – as substitute for concrete, steel, fuel, wood, and plastic – with inspired people filled with hope and a vision for a better sustainable future opens opportunities for a new age. Imagine the possibilities to create whole new cities utilizing all new materials we never thought possible. Imagine bringing into reality the communities that people from early 1900’s thought we would have by now. With just a simple grass, dreams won’t just stay as dreams, but will be lived by not only the oppressed, but even the rest of the 7 billion individuals in the world.

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