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Pawame’s mission is to provide energy access as a gateway to dramatically enhancing the quality of life of the $600m+ people in Sub-Saharan Africa that don’t have access to grid power or financial services.  

We do this by:

    • Electrifying off-grid homes with clean, modern solar home systems (SHSs), made affordable through consumer financing and flexible, mobile-money based repayment plans that fit our customers’ needs.
    • Gathering and crunching data on our customers that we use to help them build credit.
    • Extending and deepening our relationship with qualifying customers by offering them other life-changing products they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access or afford, such as TVs, refrigerators, smart phones + data, school loans, etc.

    We believe that the future of energy in Africa is both renewable and radically decentralized; and that delivering it is an essential and foundational development the challenge -- a necessary precursor to rapid advances in health, education, food and agriculture, environmental protection, entrepreneurship, etc.  Similarly, Pawame's SHSs do more than just displace dirty fossil-fuel based lamps and reduce the need for investment in expensive, often fossil-fuel-based centralized generation.  They also enable and combine with financial empowerment and internet connectivity to create a potent development platform with the potential to sustainably deliver vastly better lives to hundreds of millions of mostly poor people living off-grid.

    What makes us unique:

    • We are product- and supplier-agnostic, which allows us to (a) benefit from drops in technology cost, increasing competition and more rapid product innovation among hardware manufacturers; and (b) focus on the last-mile challenge, where the long-term value creation will be, and on delivering a high-quality customer experience and value proposition.  Our emphasis on product quality (3-year warranty) and high-touch service sets us apart in the marketplace.
    • Our proprietary machine-learning-based portfolio management platform gives us a powerful predictive analytical capability that enables us to confidently screen customers for eligibility, accurately price in credit risk and value our loan portfolio, and optimize our collections process and overall portfolio quality.
    • Domiciled in the UAE and leveraging both the Gulf's proximity to Africa and local interest in the continent, we deploy Gulf-sourced capital and talent to solve one of the world's toughest and most urgent challenges.  

    We are post-revenue, having already deployed almost 7,000 SHSs in Kenya and touched almost 40,000 lives, and we plan to achieve profitability in 2019 thanks to our hyper-focus on lean, cost-effective operations and effective use of balance sheet financing.

    In the near future, our potent platform of energy access + financial empowerment will combine with Internet connectivity to generate a whole new universe of growth opportunities. 



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