PAYGO Platform to Scale Water Access

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UNTAPPED empowers local operators to scale water access through a pay as you go (PAYGO) water platform. The PAYGO platform increases access to clean water, on-demand at affordable prices for fast-growing populations in emerging markets. UNTAPPED combines equipment financing and mobile IT with PAYGO water systems to rapidly deploy safe water services. The result is a sustainable water enterprise creating scaled access to affordable, safe water for under-served communities.

Problem – 1.1 billion people in the world don’t have access to safe drinking water. With rapid-urbanization and high population growth this number will continue to expand, and centralized models of infrastructure development will not be able to serve the growing population.

UNTAPPEDoffers three technology solutions that expand affordable, quality water services to fast-growing urban areas through PAYGO systems:

  • PAYGO Water kiosk. Decentralized water treatment centers with metered distribution and digital payment capture.
  • PAYGO water ATM. Stand-alone safe water access point with mobile payments.
  • PAYGO home smart-meters. Mobile pre-paid water metering.

Each solution expands operator service coverage through proven, innovative technologies for safe water delivery. On-demand, convenient, affordable safe water delivery. At the same time, each solution secures subscriber payments through mobile technology, tracks consumption, and reliably manages prepaid subscriber revenue.

Decentralized, PAYGO models for water, energy, and logistics can significantly improve access to basic services and drive economic development, reaching those that are under-served by government-dependent, centralized networks for water and energy. In 2018 alone, UNTAPPED started projects in Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya, Burkina Faso and Mali. Those projects will serve over 500,000 new consumers safe, affordable water. We our well on our way to our goal of reaching 100 million consumers by 2030.



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