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Scrap tires are a major part of waste generated all over the world and decomposing them is not a solution to get rid of them because it takes about 50 – 80 years to decompose. So to get rid of them, people simply burn them and use the oil generated after burning of tires. But this method of getting rid of them affects the environment and causes its degradation.

My product will not only give a solution to reuse scrap tires but will also help in generating electricity from roads giving an alternative to non-sustainable resources.

The tires will be physically processed to make thin layers of rubber and all will be compressed together. After formation of a single compressed layer of the rubber, piezoelectric materials will be installed under the layer of rubber. These layers once formed can be mounted on every red light of a city and can be connected to electricity storage. These layers on the red light will not only provide more friction to vehicles to stop but also due to the presence of piezoelectric materials under the layer of rubber will allow generating electricity due to the force the vehicle will apply on these materials due to gravity. If these layers are installed on every single red light of a city or a state, in a year it can produce so much electricity that this can be an alternative to sustainable resources. Thus, being an alternativeit will decrease the load of generating energy on non-sustainable resources giving them time to replenish in nature.

Due to a rubber layer on the piezoelectric materials, there will be less maintenance of these materials and these materials are made up of the second most abundant mineral Quartz so they are not so costly. They are not big in size and work under the principle of stress (force/area) so because of their small size area is very less but the force is very large resulting in huge amount of stress so more electricity will be produced.

This solution will give a boost to each and every industry because it will help in producing more and more energy in form of electricity which is a basic necessity of every industry.

Through this product, the electricity will be produced at a much lesser cost and the government will no longer have to subsidize electricity to high extents. The money that government invests in subsidizing electricity could then be used to tackle other areas of challenges.



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