Plasmochromic windows for solar energy control

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Currently buildings globally account for more than 40% of primary energy, in particular windows, are the most important energy dispersion sources. Approximately 60% of the solar energy that strikes a window in summer, enters into the home and approximately 25% of home's heat loss in winter escapes through the windows.Our technology is able to produce smart windows, universally applicable across different building types and climate zones, that are able to dynamically and independently control the transmittance of visible sunlight and solar heat into the building. These two parameters directly affect building's energy use and influence occupant comfort. Ourglasses, that are composed of smart nanomaterials produced in our laboratory, have the advantage of being able to modify, thanks to the action of a low electric voltage, their optical properties in visible and thermal radiation range, allowing to control the amounts of light or heat that cross the windows.An other innovation of our technology is the integration with mini semi-transparent photovoltaic cells, integrated in the frame of the window, in order to make the smart window energetically independent. It is possible to adapt the glass to the external variables conditions during the day and the year, in order to maximize both energy saving and inner comfort. By controlling the transmittance of a window with our technology, it is possible to reduce up to 35% of the energy consumption of a building, contributing to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.



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