Plug and play micro grids

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14% of the global population lacks access to electricity. That is more than a billion people and this number is growing. It is time for a reliable and future proof solution that is scalable.

We provide people with a high quality Rural Spark energy kit, consisting of a solar panel and a Rural Spark Router and one or more Rural Spark Cubes, to power any appliances of choice. The modular electrification solution provides energy from homes up to entire villages.

Positioning itself in between a solar home system and a micro grid, the decentralized solution of Rural Spark generates the capacity of an average micro grid at lower costs, with a strong sense of ownership.

Instead of having one central building with solar panels, Rural Spark offers a decentralized solution in which users together generate the same amount of energy. Feeling ownership, creating livelihood and reaching even the poorest in a village, it allows people to really climb the energy ladder. It is easy to increase village capacity while presenting itself – in size, price and ownership – as a solar home system.

The Rural Spark Service Platform supports the complete value chain. This online tool tracks & triggers payments, activates systems, provides service, offers marketing opportunities and makes the money flow transparent for distribution partners. It also allows for direct contact with the villagers for support, tips, promotions and increasing user engagement.



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