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There are around 490 million rural Africans without access to basic electricity, which has hindered their economic development. These communities are usually widely dispersed and are forced to rely on diesel-fueled generators to power their basic economic needs. African governments need significant amounts of aid to be able to justify investing in extending infrastructure to these communities, which has slowed progress in that regard. This is where off-grid solar energy solutions come in, which are becoming more cost-effective and efficient to deploy than conventional means. The success of solar home systems (SHS) does not come as a surprise and have quickly become a ubiquitous household product for many African communities. However, they lack the power to go beyond basic applications such as lighting, and their capacity for productive use is limited.

Our innovation aims to help rural African communities gain access to clean, productive energy that can power small businesses and basic services such as healthcare

It is a pre-fabricated, IoT-enabled, off-grid solar energy solution that is can be quickly be deployed in villages not connected to electrical grids, with populations up to 2,000 people, focusing on providing pay-as-you-consume, clean, reliable, productive energy that can power basic services and small business at competitive rates compared to expensive, polluting, diesel-generated power. Each system is designed to power up to 8 small businesses and can be modified to provide basic healthcare services such as general check-ups and pre-natal scanning.

We strongly believe this has the potential to transform the lives of millions in rural communities across Africa, providing the sustainable energy needed for economic development, and lifting many from poverty.



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