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Innovating Green Technology (I.G.T) is a Startup found by Haytham Dbouk an Electrical and Computer Engineers from the American University of Beirut, faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

IGT develops green energy systems and improves the efficiency and reliability of already existing systems. PRO-Shield is the first product developed by the company. It is the first solution capable of solving the overheating problem faced worldwide by solar water heaters. It is smart shield mounted on any solar water heater regardless of its size, type and brand. It increases the efficiency of the system, increases its lifespan, and saves water.

Solar water heater devices heat water passively from direct sun radiation up to 95 degrees Celsius. Such high temperatures cause solar water heaters to overheat, thus decreasing their efficiencies and lifespans as well as causing body damage to their evacuated tubes and valves. PRO-Shield is an innovative solution capable of solving the worldwide overheating problem faced by solar water heaters. PRO-Shield is a smart shield mounted on the solar water heater regardless of its size, type and brand. It is a milestone in soar water heaters efficiency and operational reliability. Upon our continuous testing on our testing unit at AUB for 20 months, PRO-Shield proved its capability of increasing the solar water heater life-span by 30% and efficiency by 40%.



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