RASAI - Intelligent Transit Network

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RASAI digitizes(brings online) transport vehicles on the roads and enables them to operate efficiently. This is done by mapping vehicle routes/journeys onto an Intelligent routing platform through a smartphone App, through which the registered vehicles are able to effectively offer their capacity for goods or passengers increasing vehicular capacity utilization thus cutting down on pollution emission, fuel consumption and traffic congestion.A transit network is like a nervous system for any city, thus can be instrumental in detecting, predicting and surveying of any communicable disease. As through these vehicles a large and spread out sample size of the urban population can be gauged effectively on a daily basis.In line with the challenge, we aim to develop an Advanced AI based Visual detection system that can be incorporated into the app and detect sick people and map out spread of diseases. Additionally in high risk situation the app can be ready to plug and play attachable sensors that can detect with even more precision scanning all passengers and generating an alert thus taking the patient directly to the nearest medical facility or quarantine without wasting and time or exposure.The same network can be leveraged in case of an emergency as these mid to high capacity vehicles can be used to take patients to the hospitals and also allow for distribution of portable water through the same app. The vehicles that are nearing end of their service life can be retrofitted for waste collection and operate on a similar network to facilitate waste collection more effectively and efficiently.

The inherent advantage of being tech based make the solution highly scalable and thus extremely cost efficient as continuous screening of passengers through the built in visual detection tool is free and in case of emergency low cost attachable sensors relevant to the type of epidemic can be boxed and shipped in a short interval to be readily incorporated into the already ready intelligent transit network app installed devices. Thus with minimal cost and maximum effectiveness the solution can address all three aspects of the challenge.



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