rationalizing of electrical energy by transparent tape

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The project is new methods to fabricate an unique nanogenerators, which used as a thin, transparent tape to generate electric energy and to rationalize the consumption of electric energy by The principle of this tape depends on transform the pressure[Kinetic energy] and change of surface temperature [thermal energy]) to produce an electric energy.

The applications of this tape: it can be used to Increase the efficiency of solar cells by placing the tape above or under the cell to , it can used to Increase the efficiency of solar cells by placing the tape above or under the cellto multiply the voltage and current by converting the heat of the sun and the surrounding moving air into electrical energy. or it can used as a thin, transparent tape stick on the floor to generate electric energy in any crowded place or buildings as Schools, universities and airports. when anyone walk on this tape, the tape will be generate an electric field uses a variation of pressure and surface temperature come from peoples walk. then the end of tape should be connected with (charging/ discharging board) to storage in Batteries or supercapacitors and use the energy later for operating any devices in building.

Also, it could be used to improve the efficiency of the energy harvesting from the Wind turbines, solar cells and even the naval vessels or space ships

So, How it Work?

nanogenerators contains of multiple materials, which every layer can act as the power generator, these layers in the nano scale (5o µm thickness), have piezoelectric and thermoelectric Properties that could enhance the voltage and the current output from these new nanogenerators.

consist of 4 main layers :

  • graphene
  • Zinc Oxide [ZnO]
  • Bismuth Telluride [Bi2Te3]
  • Barium Titanate [BaTiO3].

the prototype was manufactured in nano lab at a UNIMAP university in Malaysia 2018 the 5 cm x 5 cm of nanogenerator produce more than 5 volt when press it by your finger, when you increase the press force the output of current and volt will be increase. The patent number :US9422925B2



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