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Today, 2.6 billion people still lack access to electricity and as a consequence, life without electricity is a real struggle for them. For instance, to cook they must be able to find wood, heat their food outside and breathe toxic fumes which kill around 600 000 people each year. Another major challenge is that for watering their plants and crops, they need to spend a lot of time and consequently, they are not really available for a regular job. Lack of electricity translates into numerous difficulties: poor lighting, no proper heating, complex communications, problems to run medical equipment or operate fridges...

In addition, electricity poverty forces people to use polluting and harmful energy sources that cause diseases.

On top of those dire consequences, the lack of electricity lead to the economic slowdown and investment destabilization. Indeed, people who do not have access to reliable and affordable electricity experience the following problem: it is extremely difficult for them to find a job to get out of poverty and to hope for a brigher future.

For poor countries, it is not really possible to replicate the occidental set-up with centralized power station and standard grid which require massive investments. At INERGYS, we believe that the right solution is to use smaller electricity generation units, which are distributed and scalable. Moreover, those people need to get access to low carbon electricity, regardless where they live...even in big cities.

It is forecasted that by 2050, 6.5 billion people will live in urban areas. That is why at INERGYS, we have created the Green Pack which generates renewable electricity, close to consumers in rural areas or in the middle of towns. The Green Pack will also help to operate broadband connectivity solutions, future city infrastructures and healthcare systems.

The Green Pack combines our innovative urban wind turbine with new generation photovoltaic panels, to convert the power of the wind and the sun, into renewable electricity. Based on our unique technology, the Green Pack has the following advantages:

  • produces a maximum of renewable electricity, because it is extremely efficient to capture wind and sun power,
  • with two renewable energy sources, the electricity production is smoother,
  • reliable, it produces electricity even with unstable conditions (turbulent winds),
  • secure, it has been tested and validates to resist to violent storms,
  • completely autonomous, it can be installed all over the world, even in the middle of desert,
  • withous any visual or noise nuisances, it fits well in urban or rural areas,
  • convenient, its installation is quick and simple,
  • connected via satellite, it has a remote surveying system to record power production,
  • high scalability which allows a progressive build-up of investments and available power.

Besides the production of renewable electricity, the introduction of our Green Pack in those energy poor areas will stimulate local jobs for its distribution, installation, operation and maintenance.

We strongly believe that with our innovative Green Pack, INERGYS can make the difference by giving access to affordable and renewable electricity to billion people and by helping them on their way to prosperity.



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