Rooftop Solar for Homes and Greenhouses

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We at All Solar International, Inc. have a new technology using an advanced plastic film replacing conventional glass. Our plastic top modules have lower weight and cost and still retains great performance, ideal for solar greenhouses and for roof integrated solar for LOW COST HOUSING with microgrid applications, for Africa, Asia and for the world worth billions of dollars.

All Solar Int. started in 2012 with an angel funding 0f $70,000. We built the first 5 test units using poly crystalline solar cells in 2013 and tested them to compare to glass top conventional solar panels. We found that our solar panels had comparable efficiency but lower in cost and weight.

We found that our design was ideal for making very large panels exceeding 1kw of power output for each panel and great for roof integrated solar, charging carports and greenhouses.

We now need a partnering company to start manufacturing anywhere in the world



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