Saniband (Hand Sanitizer wrist band)

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Saniband is a portable, fashionable, and refillable hand sanitizer gel in the form of a wrist band that offers users protection on-the-go against germs causing infectious diseases, thus turning users jewelry into a hand sanitizer device, it is convenient to wear, easily accessible for hand antisepsis, and highly effective in promoting good hand hygiene and sustained behavioral change.

It has a mobile app that enable users locate refill centers, place orders, and report outbreaks of infectious diseases, which after verification can be shared on social media to alert others.

Saniband has refill centers positioned at strategic locations at shopping malls, pharmacies, hospitals, superstores where people who return empty used sanitizer cans get saniband product at discounted rate when they purchase, thus reducing non-biodegradable plastic wastes in the environment.


  • Economic: In 2015 an estimated $3.6 billion was spent to fight Ebola epidermic by the end of 2015 and an estimated $2.2 billion dollars was lost in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, Saniband could reduce economic impact of Ebola through prevention by at least 50%.
  • Health: In 2016 an estimated 28, 639 cases and 11,316 deaths of Ebola was recorded Saniband could prevent outbreak of Ebola by not less than 90%.
  • Environment: Saniband will reduce number of non-biodegradable plastics in the form of sanitizer cans disposed into the environment by less than 1%.
  • Unemployment: saniband will employ 10 youths yearly as distributors and refill centers thus reducing unemployment rate by less than 1% in intervention communities.


Saniband will be scaled through expansion and collaboration to at least 10 million persons across 5 countries within 3 years.



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