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The climate impact of our product is a reduction of 35.000 Tons of CO2 per year only in our beach-head market.

The SAVEHEAT panel uses the technology of the microwaves (dielectrical heating) to create and transfer the heat. This allows our users to reduce 70% their consumption of electricity.

Same way that is happening with the cars (electrical ones are substituting the combustion engines), with the heating system it will happen the same. Most of the centralized systems (diesel, gas, biomass, wood...) are quite efficient, but they always create CO2, as they create heat by burning something.

By the other hand there are other kind of heating systems that only require electricity: geothermal, aerothermal and electrical heaters. The problem is that geothermal and aerothermal require a really high investment that in many rural areas will not be able to afford. And electrical heaters are one of the most inefficient ways of heating.

For this reason, is a very simple solution to implement in an easy, fast and scalable way.

Our product is a ceramic tile that is heated using the microwaves technology in a confined, closed and safe system that allows our users heats their households spending 70% less electricity.

For that we have developed a special ceramic made with a material that is excited when the microwaves go through the tile. Once the tile is heated, it heats the room.

Some of the benefits of our product are:

  • Needs less space: because there is no need for the boiler in the basement, store diesel, gas, or auxiliary installations.
  • Save money: because the heat is produced in a far more efficient way (dielectrical one).
  • Provides flexibility: as there are no special needs. Some household will require just one panel and some others more.
  • Good for the environment: as we do not burn anything. We just need electricity, and much less than traditional heaters.
  • Save time: as the SAVEHEAT panel heats much faster than that of conventional electrical heaters. And besides that, you can program it to save energy and it can be perfectly integrated with photovoltaic panels (electricity produced and consumed in the same point).

This technology is very often used to treat food inside a box. The heat is produced when the electromagnetic waves go through the food and makes that the particles of water (dipolar) start turning. This turning produces friction and that, the heat.

Our ceramic tiles have a susceptor that turns inside the tile the same way that the water inside the food. We make it in a confined shield to ensure the safety of the people surrounding the system.

For this reason we are being supported by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the European Institute of Innovation (EIT) with its communities of Climate Impact (Climate KIC) and Energy Efficiency (KIC Innoenergy).

And finally, we are part of the Makers Community of Valencia (Spain) in which we really love designing, creating and solving things to solve problems of the society.



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