Science-Backed Water Based Therapy

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We create a science-backed water derivative for a broad range of therapy, application, and solutions within the domestic and industrial sub-branch of the Economy in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Our business has extended services which provide education and access to quality primary healthcare to thousands in the communities which through recommendations of our uniquely treated and packaged water has helped reduced associated water infections.

Laughkord Consultis addressing the deficits of some natural minerals of medical importance in water with a Proprietary Technology to create new different aqueous substances with exceptional domestic and industrial benefits.

Through bio infusion techniques we alter clusters, pathogens and pH range in water to increase the bio-organic ions and restructure its physical and chemical properties to form new different aqueous substances with unique features and extraordinary benefits.

One of these new fluids is our flagship product. A premium drink now certified by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) as Bio Energized Water and regulated as a food item with health benefits. It’s suitable for all ages but especially for the Senior Citizens earlier diagnosed with multiple health complications.

A complete water-based therapy whose contents is technically and scientifically enclosed in a transparent recyclable and reusable 500ml plastic bottle and packaged in 12 x 500ml carton with an innovative approach to preserving its physical and chemical properties of medical importance.

It costs $0.54 per bottle for the purpose of hydration and therapy for patients managing or suffering from different ailments such as hypertension, arthritis, pre-diabetes, indigestion, impaired vision, insomnia, fatigue/stress to mention but are few. The difference between Bio Energized Water and competitors’ solution could be justified by the value of the costs saved in terms of drug purchases and pains it reliefs to customers.

There is pragmatic of proof of concepts such as the test of energy and anti-radiation propensities; Bio Energized Water builds a protective layer of positive energy to arm its nucleus environment and users from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations.

Through collaborations with the relevant institutions, we built an ecosystem; a platform for engaging experts to discuss prevailing health matters with the public and also provide free mobile medical diagnostic services to the Senior Citizens that cannot afford the cost of going to hospitals.

The free medical consultancies provide users’ access to professional counseling, quality prescriptions and basic medical check-ups such as blood pressure checks, weight checks, and body mass index, diabetes and malaria screenings. We make provision for regular follow-up on patients to monitor progress and improvement on their health status.

Through a social awareness campaign tagged “Drink to Good Health” anchored by The Movement for Social Change, we raise the social consciousness of the society on the medical importance and benefits of the physical and chemical properties of water in its purest state to healthy living and effects of electromagnetic radiations on humans’ health.

There is an extensive reach of users’ clustered in various groups such as religious bodies, artisans, cooperative societies, sports, trade unions, social congregations and professional bodies during social awareness campaigns. It is the bridge between us and the target market and the feedback has been a phenomenon.

Our business model deploys a mentor-led entrepreneurship program that has trained over 400 distributors and enabled some 1,500 women and youths on our program to create sustainable businesses across the fourteen states we have reached with significant socio-economic impacts in Nigeria.


We generate revenue from the sales of Bio Energized Water through the following means:•Drink To Good Health Campaigns•Free Mobile Medical Diagnostic services•Distributors

Another source of revenue is the consultancy fees we charge during training for distributors and other members of the public that want to embrace our business model to build a sustainable income.

Our expense drivers are the cost of production and packaging materials, facility cost and staff overhead.

Target Market

We are currently targeting a segment of the market. The Nigerian adult population male and female from the age of 38years and above with about 40million potential customers comprising of 19.9million male and 19.5million female irrespective of belief or occupation, provided they understand the importance of healthy living

Delivering to customers:

We make our products available to customers and users through the following channels: Supermarkets, Pharmaceutical Stores, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Sales Representatives Online and Retail Stores. There are promotional sales of product to users during our “drink to good health campaigns” and “free mobile medical diagnostic services” across Nigeria’s towns and villages and direct purchase from distributors, online stores (Jumia & Dealday), phone calls to our customer service numbers, social media accounts and company sales representatives.

Strategic alliance:

We form collaborations with medical service providers and other professional bodies or institutions to offer impeccable services and communicate the right messages to consumers to accomplish the aims and objectives of our social enterprise.

Local businesses that shared our vision of maintaining a healthy and educated population for sustainable development are encouraged and promoted with fringe benefits through our product and services.


We create awareness for our products and services through radio and television short clip jingles with contents tailored straight and direct to the values brought to the market. We explore the latest tools in information technology to have a genuine online presence through a very attractive and interactive website with unique contents conveying the message of our brand to the target audience. We generate traffic to our website and other social media accounts by developing informative contents that make visitors/readers always looking forward to the next post with frequent updates and uploads of our engagement with communities during social works. Our organization website and social media accounts is already a community that is attracting traffic on a daily basis where users engage with us and also reach out to new customers with strong recommendations.


We participate in radio talk shows that focused on water and health-related matters and also leverage on festivals and international dates such as the world water day to organize events that make news headlines to create awareness and send a very strong and positive brand message to our consumers. We leverage freelance T.V appearances to contribute to sector-related topics that promote the image of our organization, product benefits, and services. We make short presentations and practical demonstration of our product and services to validate efficacy and explain its benefits to our audience during #Drink to good health campaigns and #free mobile medical diagnostic services reinforced with words of mouth and promotions that is supported by sales literatures and catalogues that emphasizes how our products and services are able to sustain and maintain the healthy living of our customers.

We are carefully spreading the emotional stories of Senior Citizens who were beneficiaries of our #Drink to Good Health Campaigns and #Free Mobile Medical Diagnostics Services to reinforce our brand and its position in the market place to form the new partnership of users and customers personally promoting our product and services by contacting their concerned relatives, friends and partners through the words of mouth.

We utilized a cost-based pricing strategy to determine the selling price at 47% mark-up which translates to about 32% profit margin.



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