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U-Light is a simple, affordable and reliable source of electricity created to empower the millions of people living off of the electricity grid and many more who live on the grid but suffer from power outages every single day.

Unfortunately, 1.2 billion people currently live off the grid around the world. Over 95 million of those people live in Nigeria alone. The biggest implication of this lack of electricity is the lack of light. This causes many negative consequences such as:

• Students drop out of school at very young ages, as they can’t cope with their homework

• Kerosene, the most widely spread alternative, is a leading cause of lung cancer among other diseases

• Hours of valuable productivity are lost due to lack of light

For that reason, we created a crank powered battery that can generate and store electrical energy to improve the lives of millions of people, and empower them to continue their education, increase productivity and provide them with a safe household environment.

Our product generates 840 joules for every 1 minute of cranking, and has a USB output, which can essentially power an LED light for 25 minutes, or an average mobile phone battery in Nigeria (our primary target market) up to 4%.

There are currently several solutions on the market that try to address this issue including Kerosene, Solar, Gravity light, and other crank lights. However, none of these products offer the affordability, portability, efficiency, and versatility in output that U-Light offers. Our product is an immediate solution for a real-world problem. This makes U-Light a very desirable product for these users. To prove the anticipated market demand, we tested our product in Kano, Nigeria and received 2 governmental support letters that acknowledge and recommend our solution, in addition to MoUs & LoIs for 22,100 units. We're also in verbal negotiations towards obtaining orders for over 30,000 additional units from a large electronics distributor in Kano.

Our CTO is going to travel to China on the 24th of January to meet with manufacturers and discuss the possibility of finalizing a manufacturing design and mass producing the product in order to and move on to our second pilot program where we send 100-200 units to Nigeria for a period of 3 months with one of our members in order to get more feedback and market traction which will then lead to our official launch into the market.



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