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Our goal at SoloGrid is to improve the lives of the millions of people living in energy poverty due to the lack of access to reliable and affordable energy. 

Our vision was to create a product platform from which we could improve of lives of people by enabling a positive impact throughout their day; providing power in their homes, in their children's schools, at their businesses and medical clinics, and in their local shopping areas and community centers. 

To realize this vision, our team has developed a simple, yet powerful energy solution that provides affordable solar energy to multiple user segments in rural communities to enable people to break through the social and economic barriers created by a lack of energy access. 

What makes the SoloGrid solution unique? Our powerful plug-and-play power hubs are designed to be simple to install and operate, while being durable to handle demanding environments.   By providing up to 900 watt hours of daily energy, people in rural and semi-rural areas will now have enough reliable and affordable energy to start their own businesses. SoloGrid hubs can power sewing machines, multiple barber clippers, powered USB hubs for multiple mobile phone charging, and even a satellite receiver and a large screen TV for small pay-to-view sporting events or movie presentations.

The current SoloGrid solution provides SE4All Tier 2 level power, with Tier 3 level planned for 2019. Using our unique and patented technology, we are able to provide both AC and DC power in a very attractive and rugged product. SoloGrid has partnered with Angaza, integrating their Pay-As-You-Go technology into our product to enable our distribution partners to grow their businesses by offering the SoloGrid product on a pay-as-you-go basis, which also allows them to effectively manage their businesses by utilizing Angaza metering and monitoring technologies.

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