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At Solar Networks we recognize the need to supply people with reliable and safe energy on a global scale. We believe that access to energy is crucial for meeting basic human needs, fighting poverty and accelerating the economic progress.Our Mobile Solar Container (MSC), an innovative solution which will answer power demands across the world, uses solar panels to produce energy. It is a mobile unit which can be easily and quickly delivered to any destination and is ready to generate energy right after set-up. The energy can be used for current needs or accumulated in specially designed batteries for later use, an essential feature for night power and crisis situations.Benefits:

  • MOBILITY: MSC is built into a regular shipping container and can be delivered and set up anywhere in the world
  • POWER RANGE: MSC can supply from 18kW to over 30kW
  • STORAGE: MSC can work at night thanks to in-built batteries
  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO POWER: MSC is ready to supply energy in a very short time
  • NATURAL DISASTERS: MSC can be dismantled quickly in case of imminent danger (e.g. a tornado) and re-assembled when the conditions improve
  • SAFETY: The ability to provide electricity despite the lack of access to energy infrastructure.



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