Solar PAYGO & IoT for Energy Poverty

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Endurance Electric is a for profit social company that seeks to alleviate Energy Poverty for vulnerable families in Chile & Latin America who are struggling with poor access,bad quality and equality of energy.Offering an independent and decentralized service,EE transform the lives of families through Renewable Energy and improving credit scores for families living inpoverty.

Families living in Energy Poverty (problems with access,quality,equality) have less opportunities to develop socially and economically,turning to dangerous,costly and unhealthy alternatives such as candles,batteries,diesel,charcoal for cooking or PLG for hot water.Consumers are forced to spend a significant amount of their income in costly alternatives.Because of low and irregular income patterns,they often pay a premium price,called “Energy Poverty Tax”.

EE offers families a decentralized and independent service of renewable energies, mostly solar thermal energy to provide Sanitary Hot Water (SHW). This service includes the solar generator equipment,an IoT controller,a payment and customer management technology platform,the installation of the equipment,as well as the maintenance,warranty and after sales service.The client pays a fixed amount for installation and then makes a monthly payment that allows to freely supply sanitary hot water for home.Thus, through electronic payment technology, this service can be activated or deactivated remotely in case of payment / non-payment by the client.

EE clients are families who live mostly in rural,semi-rural or any areas of cities,who might be: either disconnected from grid or have intermittent access to it, do not have access to sanitary hot water and/or are experiencing 1 or more of the 3 dimension of Energy Poverty(Access, Quality, Equality). Most of them today use dirty and dangerous non-renewables sources of energy and are spending an important part of their low income, up to 60%. Around 3 Billion people have problems with Energy Poverty.

This solution is disruptive because it takes into account the culture and preference for clean energy, together with recognizing the socioeconomic reality of families,by giving access to state-of-the-art mobile payment and financing technology, despite not having demonstrable creditworthiness. EE integrates and transform current alternatives, moving them to a digital and interconnected space, as a "Product as a Service" business model, generating important differentiating factors.



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