Solar Powered Mills: a catalyst for energy access

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Agsol manufactures solar-powered agro-processing machines for small, off-grid, farming villages in developing countries. Our machines process their most important staple food crops into edible and higher value food products – e.g. maize flour, milled rice, grated cassava. Agsol’s machines have been designed from the ground up, purpose built for solar and the bottom of the pyramid farming communities they serve. Our machines are new and different and there is nothing like them on the market. They use latest DC motor technology, smart controllers, quality components, and precisely engineered to improve efficiencies whilst maintaining affordability.

Agsol’s machines fill a defined market gap; that there are no agro-processing technologies that suitably serve small off-grid villages. The smallest standard diesel mills on the market only become viable in villages of several hundred households and are seldom found in villages with less than 200 households. Agsol’s solar-powered machines not only provide new agro-processing solutions for small villages, they also enable access to life changing, reliable, affordable, clean and scalable energy. Energy access at this scale is transformative, and can provide a host of other life-changing benefits: refrigeration, clean water and communications, to name a few.

Agsol is aiming to disrupt existing behaviors: currently, our beneficiaries are either milling staple foods by hand, which is laborious and inefficient, or travelling long distances to pay for diesel milling, which is expensive and time consuming, as well as having associated negative environmental impacts.

In the big picture, Agsol's solar mills represent a powerful new tool to catalyse productivity led energy access to end energy poverty in off-grid farming communities.



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