Solar Ultrasonic seawater desalination System

About Solution

The science used in this invention is based on mechanical and electronics engineering fields. Freshwater is one of the most important elements in human life where without freshwater human being and even any alive i.e. animals and plants will be at risk. There are many different types of desalination system in the world and are suitable for a specific circumstances and conditions. Output water quality, production rate and energy used in water production are very important features of these devices that have a significant impact on the cost of produced water. The goal of this plan is to provide a new solution to increase efficiency of water desalination, increase quality of water output, avoid producing carbon dioxide and prevent damage to the environment. By converting water to micron size droplets and using solar energy, efficiency and water production rate are greatly enhanced. The solution introduced by this invention is capable of solving the droughts of different countries of the world through the production of freshwater from the sea water or other contaminated water resources. Prototype of this system was constructed and successfully tested after initial design. The results show that the system is capable of producing fresh water in a desirable manner. The invented method does NOT need any filter and resultant impurities are separated in solid state and hence the system is very environmentally friendly, its basic is simple and hence DOES NOT need repair or technical support or skilled personnel and most importantly produced water is relatively very cheap and hence affordable to poor people and hence all nations.



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