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More than a billion people worldwide still do not have access to basic modern energy services such as  electric lighting in  their homes.  Most of  these people  live  in  remote  rural  areas,  which  makes extension  of  national  electric  grids  to  meet  their needs  prohibitively  expensive.

Several  solutions involving solar photovoltaic electricity generation, such as solar lanterns, solar home systems (SHS). SHS has limitations such as that only small electrical appliances  can be connected, and the technology comes with high initial investments. These current solutions have certain limited functionality and expandability. Solarino approach to is electrification using  –  solar  DC  nano-grids  by providing basic energy services at lowest possible cost, with resiliency, reliability, and sustainability. So, the desired socio-economic benefits will be visible.

Participation  in  the  DC  nano-grid is simple, as each household  has to  sign up  for a  membership. The membership  fee  consists  of  a  one-time  payment . After signing up for the membership the energy  meter  is  installed  in  each  house  and connected  to  the nano-grid.  The  equipment  stays with  each  household  for  the  time  of  the membership.

We use the nano-grid technology. So that it can meet higher energy demands by for instance local businesses. A Solarino nano-grid boosts business activities in rural areas, but can only be realized if the distance between clients is relatively small.

By using our solutions we help,to unlock the power of communties and empower th rural areas of forgotten half billion people.



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