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The invention, SOLARY, concerns a novel concept of photovoltaic systems. The aim of the new concept is to extract the maximum power in convenient conditions. Thanks to the permanent rotation of three Inclined PV panels around a horizontal axis, the new device avoids dust deposition and reduces the operating temperature. This new configuration overcomes the drawbacks / deficiency of existing photovoltaic systems as fixed panels or multi-axes mounts. Indeed, the permanent rotation of the PV panels allows SOLARY to collect more solar energy in long-term compared to conventional systems as fixed and multi-axes systems. Another parameter that increases the electric power yield is the decrease of the operating temperature of the PV cells by 43% due to the fast rotation (6 RPM). These features ensure an energy gain between 15% and 20% compared to classical multi axes systems.

SOLARY is designed for off-grid sites as isolated BTS for Telecom use, isolated houses and utilities. This new concept helps to save water for PV cleaning purpose.

SOLARY was registered as a patent.



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