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Solar wells. A solar well is made to accommodate solar panels with the purpose of introducing a new cost-efficient construction design for solar power plants. Panels are installed on the sides of the well horizontally while the opening is covered by a dome shape surface that reflects/collect light. This new design shall utilize spaces while using more solar panels. For example, a 1000m2 of solar panels will need only 40m2 of land to establish, instead of 1000m2 of land. This design will not only reduce space but it will reduce the cost of solar panels industry and increase the production of energy and electricity as well.


  • ïPanels are better protected from various weather conditions
  • ïManufacturing of the panel would need less material and therefore can be manufactured at less cost.
  • ïSpace can be of multiple use, for example it can also serve as a public park, rainwater collection,
  • ïThis technique can be combined with wind power to generate electricity.
  • ïMaintenance and cleaning of panels of dust and dirt is reduced significantly.

Competitive Advantage

  • Increased number of solar panels about 4 times at least in the same space
  • Life expectancy of solar panels is increased due to better protection against weather conditions, rain, wind, snow, and dust.
  • The use of a dome on top of the well shall reduce the surfaces to be cleaned and will be minimized to only cleaning the dome itself.
  • Lower cost of production of each panel since there will be no need for a protection layer neither heavy/ supporting material
  • Integrate technology with wind turbines for renewable energy throughout the year.
  • Ability to use this product in a form of a box on rooftops to generate power.
  • Affordable even to households
  • Technique also influences the cost of electricity production


Here you can list the challenges and opportunities your company might encounter:

  • Increased demand on solar energy globally
  • Increased awareness among the public regarding the clean energy, the climate change hazards,
  • Techniques is adaptable to any country regardless of the environment, as it can be built in the desert, the sea and the like.
  • Increased opportunity to disseminate the clean energy industry


The sun is a powerful source that can be utilized in various parts of the world to produce clean, reusable energy to substitute the fossil fuel energy.

This technique will:

  • Contribute to spreading more awareness of the environment
  • Assist in increasing demand on alternative/ renewable energy
  • Provide affordable technique



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