SoWind(Hybrid system of solar & Windmill

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Access to electricity is a huge problem in sierra Leone: over 85% of citizens have no access to electricity. At night, without natural light, many educational institutions, hospitals and small business do not function because of the inconsistency of electricity supply, Girls are lost in the fields of technology and Energy in Africa because of early school leaving which may be traced to either early pregnancy, early marriage, premature social Media involvement.

We are working on having a generation of creative young girls in the Energy Industry who aim to use Innovation to impact their communities and create solutions to problems affecting their environment. We also focus on sensitization and basic training in electronics, Leadership and Entrepreneurship

We are developing cost effective small scale renewable energy (hybrid of solar &Wind mill, Plastic light Mini hydro power, etc) that helps solve the electricity problem in the rural communities of sierra Leone, our recycling approach of solving the electricity challenge is a low cost approach and as well as saving the environment from global warming, the implementation of these low cost energy systems have save lots of lives through the electrification of the hospitals,schools,private home and business houses. Because of the low energy consumption of the rural homes

We generate and sell electricity to the rural communities at a very low cost because we are using recycling materials which help us to use low investments to solve the electricity problem and also saving the environment. We also sell some quantity of electricity to Government through the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA)which they utilised in some communities for public electricity consumption



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