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We solve water shortage in dry, coastal areas world-wide. By producing water from a massive, untapped reservoir: the air around us. Fully off-grid, without adding energy and affordable. Our material extracts water from air, which can be used for crop and tree irrigation as well as for drinking water for people and livestock in remote areas worldwide.Water is getting scarcer every year. According to a recent UN study, within 30 years, half the world's population will experience water stress. As with many things, nature has an answer; although invisible to the human eye, air contains large quantities of water. Many plants and animals have learned over the past million years how to collect this water from humid air. Inspired by these natural solutions, together with Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands, we developed a temperature-sensitive smart textile that produces water from air. At low temperatures, the textile is super-hydrophilic and absorbs significant amounts of water. The fibres swell-up over four times their normal size. At high temperatures, the material turns super-hydrophobic, the fibres automatically contract and squeeze-out the water like a sponge.Extrapolating the current results, just one square meter of single sheet materials will produce 1.3 litre per (day and night) cycle. The material is extremely scalable: a farmer can buy 1m2 or 10,000m2 of textile, depending on his or her needs. Therefore, it is a sustainable solution that can benefit both small and large farmers or communities, in arid and remote regions. 

In 5 years, time, we want to have supplied 10 million square meters of textile to (dry)farmers and communities around the world. Turning barren land into fertile oases, planting forests in arid regions and providing water where there is no more. Bringing hope back to farmers and communities struck by changing weather patterns. Our mission is to provide affordable water. Everywhere.



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