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The StixFresh technology truly has the potential to change the world. It will not only have an economical benefit, but it will also have monumental social and environmental benefits across governments, companies and communities around the world. In underdeveloped countries, StixFresh stickers can provide a substantial, positive, economic benefit for small farmers and producers that don’t have the luxury of storing their produce in expensive, climate-controlled warehouses. StixFresh stickers will

  • significantly reduce fresh food waste by extending shelf-life via an all-natural process, and
  • maintain the food’s freshness longer, thus allowing many communities (especially developing ones) to consume fresh, natural, organic foods they were not able to access previously.

Furthermore, fruits & vegetables account for the largest portion of wasted food in terms of mass. Thus, by reducing the food waste that makes up a significant portion of today’s landfills, StixFresh will

  • help reduce our carbon footprint, and
  • foster more responsible stewardship of the immense amount of natural resources required to grow our food.



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