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Access to clean energy improves peoples' health and reduces green house gas emission in the environment. People without access electricity, including the 600 million people living in African rural areas typically use kerosene lanterns and open fires fueled with wood, animal dung, or crop waste to light their homes and cook their food. These fuels contribute to asthma, allergies, cataracts, burns, and poisonings, killing an estimated 4 million people a year worldwide, according to the World Health Organization Globally, fuel-based lighting produces the equivalent of 240 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Electric power is a panacea for rapid economic and social development as it encourages production, supports businesses, SMEs, Farming, mobile communication and provides a better form of living for people especially at the rural communities.

Regrettably, the biggest challenge facing many Nigerian communities is absence of grid electricity, hence residences make living from various unhealthy energy sources that do not only pose serious health concern but are also injurious to the environment.

My company and its team is today creating, developing and deploying sustainable renewable energy technologies powered by Africas abundant sunlight to that converge the advancement of human civilization in Africa with that of their environmental condition.

We build and sell simple truck-mounted solar-powered irrigation pumps to encourage rural farming in many communities that are known for very low annual rainfall.

We build and sell solar stoves and parabolic solar cookers to families in the Northern Nigeria where there is high annual sunlight, poor access to fossil fuels and absence of wood fuels.

We build and sell solar school bags and solar phone pouches to students to encourage interrupted learning. This technology keeps their laptops, pads and all electronic learning gadgets always charged while they learn and research. The solar phone pouches and solar phone chargers also enable rural farmers and traders communicate without fear of power outage.

We have also taken our solar technology to rural healthcare centres to provide reliable power for their 24hours medical services.

Our company also designs solar LEDs which may be attached to Vehicles to provide day-light vision to drivers at nights in order to reduce night car crashes.

We want to collaborate the efforts of various decision-making groups such as the Rural Villages Heads, Local Government Heads, Heads of Government Agencies and Non-Governmental Agencies, Private Sectors as their influence in the society will greatly push our solutions to all our desired target quarters.



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