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As mentioned in the video, the majority of the population move to urban cities due to lack of commercial substance, opportunities, and mostly infrastructure. Therefore, in order to anticipate the deterioration of the current situation, we need to look at how rural areas could be improved and how we can come up with innovative ideas on ways to decentralize the displacement of people to urban areas. Therefore, a list of issues will be discussed first. Secondly, a humanistic perspective will be discussed. Thirdly, we will tackle ways to solve them. Finally, draw a conclusion.

Based on the information given, the following issues were stated:

  • Living in slum conditions (communities)
  • Overcrowded cities
  • The spread of diseases, epidemic to pandemic
  • Poor infrastructure, including sanitation and access to clean water

Exploring the challenge on the humanistic angle, on Google, a product can be defined as a thing orpersonthat is the result of an action orprocess. I strongly believe that an innovative manufactured product will not solve the long term issue. In other words, it will act as a pain killer while the wound needs something more than a pain killer. Therefore, we need to focus on what all the cities have in common, people. People constitute the community and just solving sanitation infrastructure would not stop them from moving to urban cities, however, we need to change how people see the struggles, we need to exercise their minds.

Hence, we need to keep in mind that every community has its own set of problems stemming from varies different causes. Basically, we cannot solve every issue a country or a community as in the same way, which is impossible. Therefore, let get communities involved in the problem solving of their own respective communities. Hence, the aim is not to solve the problem temporarily but to look at ways on how to solve problems permanently. The following will be regarded as my manufacturing process for the innovative product based on communities:

  • Set a strategic team for each community.
  • Conduct research on people living in the community and encourage young bright minded from those communities to step forward.
  • We express ideas about how their current situation can change with their help, and by empowering in ways that they can think for themselves and come up with ideas which might solve their own problems, and then we are leading to the right direction. At the same time, this could be a great study for futuristic ideas and inventions.
  • Refer to Appendix A. The team will categories each family member based on their health and mind abilities. Therefore, we will be able to pinpoint the right characters for sanitation re-infrastructure, farming, and other potential business minded individuals. This will create opportunities, empowers the community, and at the same time decentralized the focus on urban cities.
  • Based on Appendix A, medical supplies from other contestants can be allocated to the people who need them the most.
  • One’s a couple of activities will be running with the supervision of team members, the cash flow generated within the community will circulate in that community once or twice then it will help to lift up the next slim. This will improve the value of the community and its people.
  • Getting influential partners and other partners to get involved in the process by opening branches in slims.
  • Categorizing the population in groups will safeguard against epidemic spreads

Business minded

Creating opportunities within communities, it will create a pathway for better lives and chances, leading to movement away from cities. Therefore, with enough fields and lands, and the correct infrastructures, communities can be turned into prospering towns.

To sum up, people make cities and not the way around. Therefore, the most innovative product will be the anticipation of the evolution of humankind.



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