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The way we produce and use energy today is not sustainable. Our main fossil fuel sources oil, coal and gas are finite natural resources which are depleting at a rapid rate.Global investment in renewable energy has grown rapidly in recent years. Global energy demand will increase by nearly 25% by 2050. More than 80% of this new capacity will be solar and wind, with China and India contributing to more than half (McKinsey). While most of the attention to alternative energy focuses on production, wind turbines and solar panels for instance, there has been limited success in other critical areas. Specifically turning them into mainstream sources of power, which requires cheap and efficient ways to store large amounts of energy. "Storage is a critical component”.

Turning the suninto mainstream source of power, requires a cheap and efficient way to produce and store large amounts of energy.

Outside the power production market, the global solar thermal collector market is expected to reach USD 41.96 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.

Storenergy has developed a thermal storage solution that can store for 12 months and more with less than 2% per month. The cost of storage is less than $10 per Kwh, current battery storage costs around $300 per Kwh. Thestorage coupled with the collector enables Storenergy to produce power from the Sun 24 hours per day, constant output without any fluctuations. Using the same technology, Storenergy can produce cost effective 'Heat for process Industry' , " CSP Cooling", "MED desalinizations", "Production of hydrogen", "Enhanced oil recovery" and finaly "Reliable and ecologically clean production and storage of electricity"

On large scale projects, ie 50Mw plus, we will carry out local manufacturing, creating both temporary and permanent jobs, skill transfer etc. R & D opportunities to develop the technology further, integration with other technologies such wind turbines and PV is an exciting possibility.

The technology is the production of power from the sun, by concentrating the sun's energy to generate high temperatures. This energy is stored in our thermal storage at 800oC. We extract the energy from the storage to generate power via steam turbine in a predictable and consistent form, ie 10 hours, 20 hours 24 hours per day. With no fluctuations.The concepts are old, but the innovation is in the modification made to this old technology to meet todays needs and to generate power at an economical cost.The cost of production for our technology is considerably lower than our competitors. We can also generate for longer number of hours.

Parabolic Trough Central Tower Storenergy with Storage

Concentration Ratio 100 1,000 2,000

Working fluid temp 400oC 500-600oC 800-900oC

Annual Capacity 45% 50% 80%

Worldwide patent applications have been made Hi-tech design

All the equipment and components are designed by us and made to the specifications.

The investment is lower by at least 20% compared to our competitors, the operations and maintenance cost are also lower.

The cost for a 10Mw plant would be in the region of $25m, with cost of production of electricity below $0.03 per kwh

We continuously carrying on with R&D and the next generation of the collector is at least 20% cheaper to manufacture.Our customers are state & central governments, or industrial companies with large power needs.

Rakesh Sarin CEO UK;

Amarjit Singh Riyait UK
Company Co-Founder;

Marko Vuksanović UK
CTO Company Co-Founder;

Željko Cvetić
Sales and Business development;

Vladan Aksentijević
SRB Chief Engineer ;



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